We’re honored to work with great people. This year, we began working with Justin Mandon at Pasatiempo Golf Club and Ryan Borris at Silver Creek Valley Country Club Here are a few things they had to say about working with Parker and PRM this season.

We partnered with the GCSAA, GCSANC, Pasatiempo Golf Club, and Silver Creek Valley Country Club to host a field day this fall. Highlights from the field day included a presentation, Q&A panel, and a field portion where we demonstrated our technology and shared how we improve soil health and quantify the improvements across the property, from water and labor savings to buffering salts and reducing compaction.

Performance Resource Management is a premium agronomic service designed to deliver superior results. Our holistic approach restores the soil, saves water, and improves the health of our communities.


The characterization of the research and results efforts on this website, as well as the expectations associated with them, are reflective of the current state of development and may change as the Company progresses.