Healthy plants start with healthy soil. 

Each year, we experience a more challenging business environment combined with more extreme environmental conditions that push us to find better ways to utilize our natural resources to do more with less.

Parker founded PRM with a passion for environmental conservation and economic sustainability. PRM helps agricultural enterprises rehabilitate their soils with biology to grow healthier crops naturally, with less resources. 

Less water. Less fertilizer. Less labor. 




Parker is focused on turning a passion for environmental conservation into reality through his business Performance Resource Management, which helps farms and other agricultural enterprises use less water while achieving superior results. Parker holds a BA/BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of San Diego, where he discovered and developed his strong interest in the future of water conservation.

Parker serves on the board of directors for Trevor’s Trek Foundation and for Southwest Idaho Mountain Bike Association (SWIMBA). 


Performance Resource Management is a premium agronomic service designed to deliver superior results. Our holistic approach restores the soil, saves water, and improves the health of our communities.


The characterization of the research and results efforts on this website, as well as the expectations associated with them, are reflective of the current state of development and may change as the Company progresses.