Healthy plants start with healthy soil. 

Each year, we experience a more challenging business environment combined with more extreme environmental conditions that push us to find better ways to utilize our natural resources to do more with less.

Parker founded PRM with a passion for environmental conservation and economic sustainability. PRM helps agricultural enterprises rehabilitate their soils with biology to grow healthier crops naturally, with less resources. 

Less water. Less fertilizer. Less labor. 




Amber received her Masters in Public Policy from UCSD; she completed dual specializations in Environmental Policy and American & Comparative Business Regulation. Amber has extensive research experience in water and food politics and over 5 years experience working with government agencies and navigating regulations (including the EPA). Her experience is extremely valuable to PRM as we navigate the bureaucracies of water districts, cities, farm managers and food safety officers.

Amber joined our team because she’s dedicated to improving humanity’s impact on the environment and her values align with the mission and values at PRM. So far we have been impressed with her policy knowledge, organizational and analytical skills, writing ability and professionalism. We’re looking forward to utilizing more of her skills as we expand PRM. Amber is instrumental in our efforts to scale our program and help more organizations reduce their carbon footprint, water use, and overall impact on the environment. 




Nolan is a distinguished alumni of Santa Rosa Junior College and Concordia University Irvine, where he studied Pre-med and holds a BA in Physiology and AA’s in Kinesiology, Biology, and Chemistry. After college Nolan worked at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging as a Research Assistant and co-authored multiple articles on the processes of aging. Nolan joined the PRM team with a strong passion for environmental conservation and regenerative agriculture. He lives in Santa Rosa, and enjoys giving back to his community as a volunteer swim coach for Santa Rosa Junior College, and as a tutor for students navigating learning differences during the pandemic.

Nolan’s passion for preserving the natural environment combined with his eagerness to make a positive difference has led him to PRM. Nolan is inspired by PRM’s commitment to resource conservation and innovations that allow farms to do more while using less. Nolan’s innate ability to break down complicated science into digestible pieces has been essential to PRM’s educational mission of informing clients (and the public) about the importance of soil health, the current water crisis, and the solutions PRM has to offer. 



Parker is focused on turning a passion for environmental conservation into reality through his business Performance Resource Management, which helps farms and other agricultural enterprises use less water while achieving superior results. Parker holds a BA/BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of San Diego, where he discovered and developed his strong interest in the future of water conservation.

Parker serves on the board of directors for Trevor’s Trek Foundation and for Southwest Idaho Mountain Bike Association (SWIMBA). 





Dr. Horgan Ph.D. is Chairman of the Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences at Michigan State University. Prior to his position at MSU, Brian was a tenured professor at UMN researching Water Conservation, Pesticide and Fertilizer Fate and Transport, and Golf Course Management. In his teaching and his work with Science of the Green, he’s always thinking two steps ahead with an eye on the future. He works closely with the USGA and is helping them reach their current mission: increase customer satisfaction by 20% and reduce resource use by 25% by 2025.

Parker first met Brian at the first golf convention he attended, in Coeur D’Alene in 2017. What Brian spoke about resonated deeply with Parker, particularly the way Brian posed questions and engaged with people rather than just presenting information struck a chord.

Brian has taught the importance of gathering data and learning. Parker enrolled in Great Lakes Turf School and set off on a mission to do the work and gather prolific data to quantify the results of Performance Resource Management. Brian’s mentorship has been invaluable in starting this business, in addition to understanding what’s happening in the industry and why taking an innovative approach matters so much.


Right: Brian and Parker in the field

Performance Resource Management is a premium agronomic service designed to deliver superior results. Our holistic approach restores the soil, saves water, and improves the health of our communities.


The characterization of the research and results efforts on this website, as well as the expectations associated with them, are reflective of the current state of development and may change as the Company progresses.